Punch TV Studios is an American production and broadcast company committed to producing unique high-quality films and television programs through our state-of-the-art production studio.

What's Happening at Punch TV?

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Meet the CEO

Punch TV Studios CEO - Joseph Collins

Joseph Collins knows what it means to succeed in the face adversity and life’s challenges. Perhaps it was this spirit that helped make him a successful innovator in the television industry, as well as a true entrepreneur.

He landed his first break in the television industry when he earned a coveted internship in the Research and Development Department at WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now a Fox affiliate. Collins diligently participated in all aspects of the television station - from working behind the camera to being a show runner.

Recognizing his intense determination and dedication, his superiors granted Collins the opportunity to host The Morning Business Report show during his summer break. He became the youngest news reporter on television in the nation. Collins shined as he brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the business news.

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Punch TV Network

PunchTV Network (commonly referred to as simply PunchTV) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Punch TV Studios.

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Are you an actor looking for your next role? Do you need help bringing your ideas to life? That’s where Punch TV Studios comes in. Join Punch TV Studios social network Nabukie & network with industry professionals!

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Punch TV Studios is developing feature-length movies, and drama, comedy, and kids’ series. PunchTV is focusing on original programming to develop a competitive edge and a long-term goal of ensuring that nearly 80% of the content on its platform is original. The company is spending a significant portion of its content budget on original shows. This will ensure that content on PunchTV Studios is exclusive and unique and should enable the company to retain its loyal viewers.

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