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The Punch TV Studios Stock Purchase Process including the Punch TV Studios Electronic Subscription Agreement takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes to complete and sign. Keep in mind that this is a long term investment. Please allow 8-12 weeks to receive your stock certificate. Do not worry if you have not received your stock certificate within the allocated time frame all stock certificates will be received prior to the Shareholder's meeting.  If you have any questions during the stock purchase process please read through our FAQ.  You may also contact us at: 310-419-5914 or via Live Chat.  

"This is a secure transaction."

In order to purchase your stock, you will need to provide the following information:


1.) Full legal name

2.) Date of birth

3.) Address, city, state and zip code

4.) Social security number 

5) Be sure to click the "FINISH" button after you complete your purchase or your stock purchase will not be complete.

6) Only Open 1 Subscription Agreement a Verification Code will be sent to your email. If you get stuck go back to your Verification Code and click the resume signing button.


Once you have all the required information, click the Invest Now button to purchase your stock. There is a $25.00 per transaction transfer fee. 

This fee is paid directly to the Transfer Agent to pay for issuing the Stock Certificate and shipping.  

You will receive your Punch TV Studios Stock Certificate in the mail within 8 - 12 weeks.  




Understanding the Philosophy of Punch TV Studios


"This is a secure transaction."


Follow these Easy Steps to invest in Punch TV Studios

Step 1.) Click on the Invest Now button and it will take you to the Power Form.

Step 2.) Enter your First and Last Name (i.e. John Wiggins).

Step 3.) Enter your email address. 

Step 4.) You will receive an email with your Validation Code from Joseph Collins - Chief Executive Officer. 

NOTE - ONLY DO THIS ONCE: If you have any issues, go back to the Verification Access Code email (DO NOT START ANOTHER VERIFICATION PROCESS.) If you do not receive a Verification Access Code email contact our office at 310-419-5914 immediately. 

Step 5.) Click the Resume Signing button and it will take you to your Subscription Agreement. 

Step 6.) Check the box that says, "I agree to the Electronic Signature" then click the Continue button.

Step 7.) Enter the amount of shares you would like to purchase. We recommend at least 1,000 shares. However, you can purchase any amount you choose.

Step 8.) Completely fill out the Subscription Agreement

NOTE: If you use your cell phone as your home phone, place your cell phone number in the home phone position.

Step 9.) Go to page 2 of the Subscription Agreement and click on the Signature Tab, choose your signature, then click ADOPT AND SIGN and you will sign Page 2.

Step 10.) Go to Page 7 of the Subscription Agreement and click on the SIGN button.

Step 11.) Go to the Pay Now Button on the browser and make your payment.

Step 12.) The final step is to CLICK ON THE FINISH BUTTON.


Your transaction is now complete. You will receive your Stock Certificate in the mail within four to eight weeks. Thank you for your investment! See you at the Punch TV Studios Annual Shareholders Party!


"This is a secure transaction."


Punch TV Studios our ideas, make the magic. 


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