Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Your investment in makes you a Punch TV Studios Stockholder. As a Stockholder you become a part owner of the company.  Each share of common stock you purchase for $1 entitles you to 1 vote for issues common shareholders typically vote on such as members of the Board of Directors, appointment of auditors, and major corporate governance issues such as change of control, mergers and acquisitions, etc.  In addition you are automatically invited to the annual stockholders meeting.
The term IPO means Initial Public Offering. This means that this is the first time a company is selling stock in the company.  When you buy stock in the initial public offering, you are buying stock at its opening price.  Punch TV Studios opening price is $1 per share. The IPO is a limited amount of time for an investor to purchase stock before it is openly traded and can be bought and sold on the stock markets. 
Punch TV Studios is going to use your investment to execute our business model for the company which includes:
1) Developing the Punch TV Studios Entertainment Complex.
2) Launch the Punch TV Live Multimedia App
3) Launch Punch Television Network
4) Produce 300 New Movies and TV Shows over the next 3 1/2 years
Your investment provides the company the funds it needs to accomplish its objectives such as produce and distribute TV shows and movies, grow, generate profits, create the foundation for success and the opportunity to return a profit to investors. According to our business model we anticipate generating approximately $1 billion in annual revenues.
You are buying stock in Punch TV Studios and as with any stock, the price may fluctuate.  However, our company is convinced that our business model is strong enough to bring success.
We have created a simple process for you to make your investment in Punch TV Studios, Inc.  Visit our Purchase Your Stock Now page to purchase your Punch TV Studios stock.
After you purchase your stock you may sell it for any dollar amount you want. For example if you invest $500 at a $1 per share you will own 500 shares. You can now set the selling price of your shares at $500.00 per share. When the IPO closes,  another investor will have to buy your shares at a minimum of $500.00 per share. This would give you a return of approximately $250,000.00(note:This is just an example and not a guaranteed return).
Yes, you have control. You can set it at $50, $100, $150, $200 or more. However the company believes that we can successfully maintain a $500 to $750 share price.
The Transfer Agent is the company that maintains a record of all of Punch TV Studios Inc.'s stockholders.  Every time a share of stock is sold or transferred, the transfer agent keeps a record of the transaction.
Punch TV Studios' Transfer Agent is:
Securities Transfer Corporations
2591 Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX  75034
(469) 633-0101
The minimum dollar amount you can invest is $1.00. At this time we are accepting no less than $100.00 However, we recommend that you invest at least $500.00 dollars or more for the maximum return on your investment.  Investments under $250,000.00 are subject to a fee for their stock certificate.
Yes. You can purchase more shares for $1.00 per share as long as the IPO is open. However, we cannot determine how long the IPO will remain open or when the IPO will close. 

Punch TV Studios our ideas, make the magic. 


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