Electronic Press Kit - EPK -Punch TV Studios

Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins answers the hard questions as it relates to the upcoming


stock offering (IPO) slated to open on June 19, 2016. Also the media can download videos to

use for their media outlets. 


You may download this video clips for use on your media outlet:

A license is here by granted to media outlets that would like to use these clips. Each clip must be use in its entirety and the message must be used in the spirit in which it is intended.

1)  Mr Collins What made you decide to take the company public? Download mov

2) Mr. Collins what does Regulation A of the JOBS Act. mean to Punch TV Studios? download mov

3) Mr.Collins can you tell me about Punch TV Studios and how you got started? download mov

4) Mr. Collins can you tell us a little about yourself? download mov 

5) Mr. Collins what does this IPO mean for Punch TV Studios? download mov

6) Mr. Collins what is the objective for the company after the IPO is successful? download mov

7) Mr. Collins what made you decide to thank the company public? download mov

8) Mr. Collins what projects does Punch TV Studios have in development? download mov

9) Mr. Collins what is your passion for television? download mov

10) Mr. Collins why did your company decide to sell your stock for $1.00 per share? download mov

11) Mr. Collins what do you plan to do with the $50 million dollars? download mov

12) Mr. Collins how can people purchase your stock? download mov

13) Mr. Collins thanks you for allowing him to be on your show. download mov




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