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Punch TV Studios is now accepting submissions from television stations to carry Punch TV in your DMA. Punch TV has established itself as the home for diverse content targeted to help the multi-platform broadcaster gain market share. Punch TV is proud to have a diverse roster of quality programming that quenches the thirst of the new ‘Urban American’ viewer, and reflects America's diversity by providing family-oriented hit shows.

Research by Nielsen indicates that Americans watch an average of 4 hours of television on a daily basis (Caucasians 4.0 hours; African American 6.16 hours; Latinos 3.54 hours; Asians 2.34 hours). In order to capture a share of the above audiences, Punch TV, unlike most independent networks, airs programming that is 70% original. We aggressively market these shows to New Urban Americans through online marketing, social media, mobile phones, and traditional media outlets such as radio, newspapers, and television.

Punch TV blends the many flavors of the world into a set of multicultural, multi-ethnic dramas, comedies, talk shows, reality shows, newscasts, sports, and other genres of television entertainment. Since its inception Punch TV Studios has continued to add affiliates such as Vernon Watson owner of WBQP in Pensacola, FL who says, “Punch TV has been phenomenal for the station's growth. We now have an urban audience watching our station.”

We are positioning ourselves to be the dominate player in the urban television market place. With Punch TV’s new shows coming out this fall, this is an opportunity for your station to secure a position for your DMA. Capture your market share today by carrying Punch TV on your full power or low power affiliate station!

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